• Stage design to fulfill the imagination.
  • Sets and props for any occasion.
    Customized to reflect your theme.

  • The possibilities are endless....
  • If you can dream it we can build it.


Fantasy Fruit of the Spirit Theme Park with grape cluster cars for the Ferris wheel.
Mega Superhero flying over Mega City helping to fight crime  with his Superhero friends.
The Jungle setting for The Treasure Quest
theme includes Jungle canopy and a jaguar basking in the moonlight.
GK Studio's
with a backlot stage set theme just like you would find at any Hollywood Studio
Under the Sea theme
with a sunken ship
that is inhabited by a Black Tip Shark as well as many
under the sea friends.
The Family
Experience Show
was designed to
relay a message of how to "connect " with the family, using the giant  connecting blocks to represent the theme.
Full 3d logoed signFull front view of GK stage setrandom industrial back back stage lookdistresses metal looking walls GK studioGK signGK Studio on the air signgk studio
Tresure Quest Cave in the JungleTreasure quest caveCave SetJaquar on cave in the moon lightCave setting during Treasure Quest showCave cave seting under set lightsJungle Tarzan Bear swining thru Jungle canopycave at nightCave openingTreasure Quest jungle setting during Show
Fruit of the Spirit theme parkFriut of the spirit theme parkFruit of the Spirit theme parkFruit of the Spirit theme parkEntrance to theme parkMonkey Balloon seller flys off into the cloudsBear riding on the roller coaster as in comes out of the wall coming from the mountain in the skyMonkey balloon seller flying into the skyattendees at the theme parkEntrance to theme park
Under the Sea theme Under the Sea themeUnder the Sea themeUnder the Sea themeUnder the Sea themeAclose up look at the fish under the SeaUnder the Sea themeA Shark hiding out in a ship  wreck under the sea
Mega super Hero flying over Mega CityMega super Hero themeMega super HeroMega super HeroMega super HeroMega super HeroMega super Hero in the cloudsMega super Hero setMega city skyline in the dayMega city skyline at night under black lightCity skyline under black lightMega city at night under black lightMega city hero in the cloudsMega city set from front in the night under black lightMega city at nightrmore super heros keeping MEGA city safe at nightmega city has a UFO flying thru the night
Family Experience stage setFamily Experience stage set with giant connecting blocksFamily Experience connection with giant connecting blocksFamily Experience set during showFamily Experience during showFamily Experience stage set from frontFamily Experience theme settingFamily Experience during showFamily Experience show Family Experience show